To visit a city and take part in an urban team building activity means having an experience that is different from the conventional city tour. Participants will discover the most interesting places in town, historical monuments and the most beautiful panoramas in a playful, interactive and fun way.

Everybody will receive a map of the city and a list of creative tasks to be performed during the activity. These tasks will require imagination and fantasy! Participants will have to solve riddles and perform challenges in the most creative way possible. 

Imagine your team competing in the streets of Madrid, Porto or Seville!

Treasure hunt activities require serious skills and are a lot of fun. During the game, you have to search and solve a number of clues which will help you to successfully progress. We will mix cultural understanding and orienteering skills. 

We organise enjoyable experiences that encourage all participants to build strong relationships. The team, along with a number of instruments (such as compasses and maps) must discover the landmarks for orientation.The success of the team will depend on each individual and his ability to work in group. These activities are designed for groups that want to spend a day or some hours creating harmony within the team.

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