There are endless possibilities to have a great time while enjoying culture and nature. Less than an hour from the city center we can find many Natural Parks that offer all sorts of great tours and activities. 

Embark on an unforgettable journey with us and discover the most beautiful natural sites, amazing views, activities with horses and delicious food and wine

Your guide and Ambassador will be with you the whole time in order to explain everything about the places that we visit and activities we participate in. 

If you are in Barcelona for example we’ll pick you up at the hotel and after a short drive (20-30 minutes) along the coastline we’ll arrive to a Natural Park in the Maresme county north of Barcelona. Once in the Park a fun hike will allow us to fully enjoy the surrounding woods on the hills overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. 

Before we know it we’ll arrive to a wonderful estate with more than 50 horses where our coach will be ready to guide us thru some incredible exercises with these unique animals (no riding experience is required). The activities are characterised by an introduction of ethology concepts related to how these wonderful animals perceive the world and interact with us. Further on, a series of exercises will be performed aiming mindfulness and calmness, where the horses are incredible teachers on the “here and now”.

After coaching with horses it’s time for a delicious lunch in a local restaurant – we’ll decide the place beforehand based on your preferences; tapas, paella or catalan cuisine (vegetarian option also available). 

Finally before heading back to Barcelona we will pay a visit to a unique family project. Located also in a Natural Park and overlooking the Sea this place is a pioneer in organic and ecological wine production. Your guide and connoisseur will walk you through the vineyards, explain the process of wine making, show you the cellar and assist you in an incredible tasting of cava and wines served in the best restaurants in the world. 

There is just no better way of ending an incredible day surrounded by nature around Barcelona.

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