Are you not excited to get to work?

This happens even in the best and most exciting job. No one is immune from demotivation and postponement. 

You want your motivation back? Here are some self-motivation tips:

  1. Tell yourself you are starting anew

There are many reasons why we often do not get started with work: stress, boring tasks, annoying meetings or even the fear of failure.  Try to treat your work like a new project: research shows that “new mental periods” can promote new perspectives and improve motivation

  1. Smile! 

Even if that sounds weird, just make a big smile! Whether you are feeling happy or not, the body doesn’t really know the difference between a fake or a real smile. Research shows how smiling reduces stress and helps you feel better about the work you need to do.

  1. Give yourself a reward before you begin

Try to watch a short comedy video, or eat a slice of cake. Research shows that higher levels of dopamine, can boost self-motivation prior to engaging on a new task.

  1. The incredible Hulk

Standing or even sitting, with an open and expansive posture can augment testosterone levels, and thus, decrease cortisol. This will help you to feel more powerful. Try to put your hands on your hips, push up your chest and keep your chin up. 

5. Baby steps

Break down your work into small, achievable and measurable tasks. Commit to completing just one simple thing at a time. Write down your ultimate goal, to remember the big picture and to visualise the benefits of your work. 

6. Talk to others

Studies show that if you ask for input from someone else, and keep them updated on your progress, this can increase your motivation to achieve your tasks.

7. Create a mantra

Research demonstrated that telling yourself out loud that what you are going to do is important and achievable,  can help your motivation! 

8. Dream

Day dream with your eyes closed for 10 minutes about your success on your work (or task). 

9. Looking Back at the Day

When we look at tomorrow’s to-do list, we often forget what we’ve done in the course of a day’s work. However, the (small) sense of achievement of today gives you momentum for tomorrow. Take some time at the end of the workday to reflect on what you’ve done. Of course, celebrate the achievements, even if small!

Days without motivation at  work are completely normal. Try these few tips, and tell us how did it go!