Puglia – the heel of the boot. A region in southeast Italy known for its whitewashed hill towns, conical stone huts known as “Trulli” or for the hundreds of kilometers of spectacular coastline. Places like Marina di Pescoluse or Torre Vado are referred as “the Maldives of Salento” – simply beautiful.  
This Mediterranean paradise is the perfect location for those travelers who seek authenticity and fun. In Puglia, you can travel back in time, witness the grandeur octagonal architecture style of Frederick II with his “Castle of the Mountain” or go to Lecce – the city of Baroque.
Those who love local culture and popular music, can enjoy the countless festivals that in summer animate visitors to dance the traditional “pizzica dance.
Last but not least, the secret of Italian cuisine lies on its regionalism – with Puglia being one of the most representative ones. Burrata, orecchiette, wine, olive oil and plenty of other typical and delicious things are just the beginning of an unforgettable journey to get to your heart. 

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