We spend most of our lives working, surrounded by colleagues who we often see more than our loved ones. We believe that to establish a happier and more balanced personal and work environment, a change in our routine is needed.

Our goal is to assist you and your team in developing new ideas and inspiring a deeper sense of clarity and creativity.


Designed for teams seeking to build stronger connectivity within their members.
Through our activities, in vibrant cities like Barcelona and Madrid or immersed in nature within regions like Andalusia or Catalonia, you can empower the talents of your team, boost confidence, share ideas, learn compromise and deliver better results.

The benefits:

  • Enthusiasm among team members
  • Energized team
  • Increased appetite to face challenges
  • Improved communication skills
  • Fun and creative environment
  • Increased job satisfaction and loyalty


All our activities are based on the structure of the GROW Model (Goal, Reality, Option and Will). This is explored during the tailoring phase of the service and implemented from the beginning and throughout the activities planned. 

In order to take conscience and interiorize the learning opportunities, Barcelona Ambassadors applies the feedback mechanism using the coaching in the moment (CIM) model to provide quick, efficient and effective feedback. 

The premise is to help our clients identify for themselves what they did well, what they could have done better and what they are going to do next time. 


Embark on an unforgettable journey with us and discover the most beautiful natural sites, amazing views, unique activities with horses and delicious food and wine.

Experiences full of diversity and taste. Visit the most authentic tapas places, learn to cook typical Mediterranean meals, savour the real local cuisine and enjoy the most beautiful restaurants. Plenty of knowledge, food and wine.

Blessed with exceptional weather Spain, Italy and Portugal are paradise for outdoor sports and activities; from hiking or cycling to sailing and surfing among many others.

Urban Games &
Treasure Hunt

To visit a city and participate in an urban team building activity means having an experience that is far away from a conventional city tour. Treasure hunt activities mix cultural understanding and orienteering skills and are a lot of fun.

We will work on enthusiasm of team members through fun activities like bike rides in the vines, nordic walking, segway, tastings or even building a human tower with a professional school of “castellers”.

“Castellers” workshop

“Castell”  (castle in Catalan) is one of the most popular and unique traditions of Catalonia. Declared “Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO this activity is one of the most beautiful elements of local culture and a truly powerful and authentic team building experience.


Every coaching or team building activity is personalised and tailored to fit your goals and expectations.

We will build a custom itinerary for you and your group so that you have the most pleasant experience and stay. Based on your needs we will offer a series of activities and also assist you with all logistical matters related to your visit.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please send us a message and we will schedule a conference to understand your needs and assist you in the best way that we can.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please send us a message or give us a call.
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