What do high performing teams have that others don’t?

Teams are the key to creating more committed, productive and sustainable companies, but some are more effective than others.

One of the most important researches on this topic was conducted by Marcial Losada and Emily Heaphy in 2004. They looked at the correlation between team member connectivity and business performance.

But what is connectivity?

It is a continuum, high or low, determined by the number and the nature of the interactions between team members. The higher connectivity, the more sustained interactions between team members allow to generate an open dialogue among multiple players. On the contrary, low connectivity discourages interactions and thus lead to less dialogue.

How can you build a high connectivity?

Through building happiness of the people involved.

The Losada research showed that when team members are focused on the “other” the more inquiries there were and the more Inquiry the higher engagement (Positivity). The reverse was also true. More focus on “Self”, led to disengagement (Negativity).

Leaders who openly express their positivity get the most out of their teams.

On this regard, when you focus on developing happiness and trust within your team members, you might have higher chances to engage them in a constructive disagreement which can easily lead to develop strong commitments. When team members are committed and thus effectively accountable for their actions, their attention is surely moved towards collective results (P. Lencioni) which can directly impact the overall performance of the business.

Is that so simple?

Yes, that is at the core of Barcelona Ambassadors’s objectives. We assist businesses and their teams in strengthening connectivity, trust and performance through our tailor-made tours and activities.