La Bomba is one of the most popular and delicious tapas in Spain. A potato ball filled with meat, deep fried and served with a special spicy sauce.

Although currently la bomba can be found in bars and bodegas all over Spain it is probably one of the most typical tapas from Barcelona.
The concept originated in the former fisherman neighbourhood of La Barceloneta, located in the district of the Old Town of Barcelona. La Barceloneta was built in the 18th century when people from the Ribera neighbourhood were forced to leave as their houses were demolished to make way for the construction of a Citadel ordered by the king Felipe V.

Barceloneta became a working class neighbourhood during the industrial revolution as many factories were located in this area in the 19th century. In the 1950’s a small bar called La Cova Fumada decided to adapt to the necessities of customers who visited them before going to work and build up their small bites (tapas). This is how la bomba was created between 1955 and 1956.

The name of this delicious tapa came from a neighbour who was participating in the tasting, trials and tests of the bomba. Apparently when served one of the final versions he exclaimed “Wow! This is a bomb!” making reference to the spiciness of the sauce served on top.
If you visit La Cova Fumada (managed these days by the 4th generation of the same family) you will find different options for the sauce; aioli (garlic and olive oil), spicy and very spicy. There is no doubt that one of the secrets of this amazing treat is the sauce and Cova Fumada certainly gets it right.

Barcelona offers today a wide range of places that serve delicious bombas. We have to mention La Bombeta (that actually claims they were the first to serve it) or the more elegant and modern La Mar Salada both in the Barceloneta neighbourhood.
At Barcelona Ambassadors we are big fans of how our friends at Lolita Taperia prepare their bombas. We also like to order this tapa in the classic bodega La Pubilla del Taulat in the Poblenou neighbourhood.

If you are a real foodie or just like to try local specialties you cannot miss this incredible tapa when in Barcelona. Make sure you mention it when booking one of our Food & Wine tours.