“New” marketplace in Barcelona!

Last month we witnessed the reopening of one of the biggest and more emblematic marketplaces in Barcelona - Mercat Sant Antoni. The original project was built between 1879 and 1882 by the architect Antoni Roviras I Trias and eventually closed in order to be reformed...

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Motivation at work

Abraham Maslow was an academic working in the field of Psychology and became well known for his work on the Hierarchy of Needs model in 1943. This theory still remains valid today for understanding and utilizing human motivation in various contexts. Maslow's pyramid...

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Teamwork theory: from forming to performing

Have you ever found yourself in a team in which you felt a total stranger? Or in a team where you felt unheard? Maybe a team in which shortcomings where more than the actual achievements? Many of us out there shared at some point these feelings and often the answer...

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Gamifying employees engagement

Why employees engagement? There is extensive scientific literature on the relationship between employees engagement and companies’ results. The higher the engagement, the higher the results: the higher the results, the higher the profits.  With this linear...

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Christmas in Barcelona

There is usually not a lot of snow in Barcelona (if any) but the Christmas spirit is very present through the popular local traditions such as markets, parades, gastronomy and many more which we will try to explain briefly. One of the most typical things is the...

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Group building or Team building?

Spot the difference: Team activities or Group activities?  At Barcelona Ambassadors, we’re often asked whether there is any difference between team building activities and group building activities. Are they just different words for the same thing, or do they function...

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Casa Bacardi

A couple of weeks ago we had a great time at Casa Bacardi and we wanted to tell you everything about it. This fun and interactive museum of the world's famous rum is located in the charming city of Sitges just 20 minutes south of Barcelona. Casa Bacardi was...

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How the learning curve can affect our performance?

How many times you found yourself in a situation when you joined a new team or got a new job and were extremely motivated to do your best and wanted to get noticed for your great performance, yet you just did not know how? How many times you found yourself in a...

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