Andalucia is one of the largest and most populous regions of Spain. It is also an incredibly diverse area where you can find mountain ranges covered with snow and amazing beaches in both the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

The most visited places are beautiful cities like Seville, Granada, sunny Malaga and the nearby Marbella with its luxurious Puerto Banus. Nonetheless, there is a lot more to this region and many other places to be discovered.

Under Moorish rule from the 8th-15th centuries the architecture here is just stunning – the famous Alhambra being a great example. The natural diversity results into breathtaking landscapes and unique scenery.

However, it is the local culture that seems to be one of the most appealing aspects of visiting Andalucia. Local traditions and festivities along with gastronomy and a truly Mediterranean lifestyle make this place so fascinating for travelers from all over the world. 

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